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Barracuda GT, FIA #535

What did I have to do to get the official FIA papers for the Barracuda GT? In short, it took a lot of determination (2 years of searching and waiting) and some luck. I started with ACCUS, the US arm of the FIA. They were of no help, as most of their old files were destroyed in a fire many years ago. I then called FIA offices in every English speaking country  office I could think of (I do not speak French, so I could not call the main FIA office), everywhere from England to Australia. Finally, I worked through the FIA Canada office (where they can speak French!) They did not think they could help me, but about a year after I talked to them they called and said that they had just obtained the coveted papers from the vaults of the FIA in Paris. I quickly sent them a check for $80 and soon thereafter I had my papers, even stamped with the official FIA stamps on them! Now there are here to share with all Barracuda Mopardom.

Below are links to the .jpg scans of my original FIA #535 papers. Eventually, I will re-scan them and convert all the files to .pdfs for easier viewing

Note: The first page is a letter from Chrysler to the FIA certifying that they had built 500 models identical to what was described in the papers. Look carefully at the papers and see if any 66 Barracudas you have seen from the factory have plexiglass rear windows, 40 gallon fuel tanks, headers, or 15 X 7 inch wheels? Sound like somebody took a chapter from Enzo Ferrari's playbook and the 250 GTO! (Oh sure, we built 100 GTOs! How about 33?)

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