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AllTime Racing- This is where I bought my brake and clutch set-up.  Specializes in supplying  road racing parts to the Mopar crowd. Tell Tim that we sent you! This is Steve Ekstrand's website for his SCCA Solo II effort

Steve Wall- One of the founding fathers of MOPAX, the Mopar road racing and autocrossing e-mail list. He has a lot of valuable reference material on his site.

Lame Horse Racing- Site owned by David Mapes, who races several Mopars in East Coast events.

Olympia Charger- Owned by Dick Pierson. Website for original Dodge Charger that ran at LeMans.
 and recently went back for a LeMans reunion. Great site!

Matt Grubel- Matt runs a Barracuda in Philadelphia area SCCA Solo II events


Ralph Beckman's 67 FIA Rally Barracuda- Ralph took his 1967 Barracuda to the Historic Monte Carlo Rally and kicked some European butt a couple of years ago. Here is a link to some photographs from Mopar Action magazine.

Firm Feel Inc.- This is a Mopar centric business  owned by Dick Ross, specializing in Mopar handling accessories and located in Vancouver, Washington. Tell Dick that we sent you!

Clair's Cars- Clair Davis' website for his car projects

Patrick's On-Line Garage- The website for Patrick Rittich and his autocrossing Barracuda

Scans of Mopar racing related articles- (.pdf files, unless otherwise stated)

Mopar Magazine, Sept 1990- "Mopar Handling- How to prepare your car for the parking lot grand prix"





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